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WW2: The Miracle of Dunkirk and Winston Churchill in 1940

June 1, 2020

This week is the anniversary of the 1940 evacuation at Dunkirk in World War Two. Sophie (aged 7) and Ellie (aged 5) tell the story of how against all the odds the British army was saved from the Dunkirk beaches.  

Hitler’s plans for victory in World War Two are thwarted as the British Army makes its escape. The story is full of twists and turns so extraordinary that it became known as the Miracle of Dunkirk. We feel the fear as the German tanks close in on Dunkirk thanks to their Blitzkrieg tactics. Sophie and Ellie put themselves in shoes of a British solder waiting on the beaches for rescue. An original song brings the excitement to life as the Small Ships come into view. Afterwards Winston Churchill reminds the country that wars are not won by evacuations.

Songs, music, sound and humour bring the story to life.

  • Germany attacks Poland
  • We learn about the Blitzkrieg tactics
  • The Germans outflank the Maginot line
  • The Panzers race behind the British and French Armies
  • The British and French fall back on Dunkirk
  • The French buy time with a brave defence at Lille
  • Hitler give his “Halt” order to the Panzers.
  • We explore the different reasons why Hitler gave this order
  • The Royal Navy tries to rescue the soldier from the beaches
  • We discuss why this was so difficult
  • The call goes out for the small ships to help.
  • We experience life on board one of the small ships as it faces German air attack
  • We learn what people thought back home of the soldiers
  • Winston Churchill’s words ring out across time as we hear his actual radio address
  • Britain may have got her army home, but we learn how it is denuded of tanks and equipment.
  • Britain now lies defended only by the Navy and Airforce
  • The scene is set for the Battle of Britain.

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