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American History: Jamestown, Pocahontas and the colonisation of America

May 10, 2020

We tell the story of the founding of Jamestown settlement in 1607 and how Pocahontas helped it survive so it eventually grew into the United States of America.  And we tell where the Disney film Pocahontas got it wrong and got it right.  

Sophie (aged 7) and Ellie (aged 4) put ourselves in the shoes of the Powhatan Indians. We feel the excitement of the colonists as they build the Jamestown settlement. This is the anniversary week of the founding of the Jamestown settlement so it is a great time to listen to this podcast.

  • English sailors bravely cross the Atlantic for Virginia
  • They build the settlement of Jamestown
  • We explore the reaction of the Powhatan Indians.
  • Sophie and Ellie put themselves in the shoes of the Powhatan Indians and talk about how they might have reacted
  • We feel the experiences of the settlers as they starve and freeze through the winter.
  • We meet the brave John Smith. And we see him captured by the Powhatan Indians
  • We hear how Pocahontas threw herself over his body to save him
  • We find out more about their friendship.
  • Joy turns to tragedy as John Smith is injured.
  • We learn about the differences between the Disney Pocahontas and the real Pocahontas
  • Things go from bad to worse in later winters for the Jamestown settlers with the Starving time.
  • With John Smith gone Pocahontas stops helping the Jamestown colonists.
  • Eventually the colonists decide to abandon the settlement in 1610. It looks as though the colonisation of North America by the English has failed.
  • But back in England John Smith is writing a book about his adventures with Pocahontas.
  • The English are gripped by the book.
  • They decide to send more settlers and colonists to Jamestown.
  • Just as the Jamestown settlers set sail the English fleet arrives. The Jamestown colony is saved.
  • Eventually that colony grows into the United States of America.

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Enjoy this classic history story brought to life for kids but now understand what really happened.

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