History Storytime - For Kids

Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo

June 15, 2020

On the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Sophie (aged 7) and Ellie (aged 5) explore the famous battle which ended Napoleon’s rule.

We start with the French revolution and how that led to the Napoleonic Empire. We then learn how a disastrous march on Moscow saw Napoleon’s army destroyed by the Russian winter. Chased across Europe, Napoleon is forced to abdicate and the old Bourbon rulers return. Just a few month later Napoleon makes a daring escape in what became known as the Hundred Days. We follow his small army as his confront the King’s army and through through the force of his own personality persuaded them to join him. All of Europe unites against him. But Napoleon attacks first. Crossing the border into Belgium he defeats Marshal Blucher at Ligny. Thinking the Prussians are now out of it, Napoleon attacks Wellington at Waterloo. We follow the seesaw of the Battle of Waterloo as French attacks and British counter attacks go in. Then we relive the high drama as Napoleon realises that Marshal Blucher has come to attack him. Then Napoleon makes the fateful decision to sent in his Imperial Guard for one final attack on the British lines.

  • All brought to life with music, song and lots of excitement
  • French revolution
  • Napoleon becomes Emperor
  • Success built on domestic reforms and military success
  • Disaster in Russia sees the destruction of Napoleon’s empure and his abdication.
  • Napoleon returns for the Hundred Days and makes himself Emperor again.
  • Napoleon smashes Blucher at the Battle of Ligny
  • Napoleon and Wellington face off at Waterloo
  • We learn about the Wellington’s strong position at Waterloo and his tactics
  • Napleons attacks go in but are blunted
  • The Prussians arrive
  • Napoleon sends in his Imperial Guard
  • The Imperial Guard are defeated and the French army are routed for the Waterloo battlefield
  • Napoleon is exiled and imprisoned on the barren Island of St Helena.

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