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Joan of Arc

July 27, 2020

Sophie (age 7) and Ellie (age 5) want a story of a girl knight. So they tell the story of Joan of Arc, the French heroine who turned the tide of The Hundred Years War.


We learn how England’s Henry V and his archers crushed the French knights at the Battle of Agincourt. He then agreed to that he will succeed the old French king. Everything is thrown into turmoil when Henry V dies. The French King’s son, the Dauphin fights back. But the English archers are invincible, the English occupy Paris, and the Dauphin can’t even be properly crowned King at the traditional Cathedral of Rheims.


Then a French peasant girl, Joan of Arc, appears at the French Court. She had made her way there across enemy territory disguised as a man. She says that angels have told her to help throw the English out of France. At first the Dauphin does not believe her. But he and the priests test her and she passes every test.


They give her armour and a banner and she leads his armies in battle at the critical battle of Orleans. Joan and her army smash through the English lines and save the city. Then in the pursuit there is a pitched battle between the English and the French. This time the French knights ride down the English archers in a stunning victory. The military power of the English is broken.

Joan and the Dauphin march on Rheims and the Dauphin is crowned King.

Joan continues fighting. But the French nobles do not support her. In one battle she is pulled off her horse and captured. The English put her on trial for saying that angels were talking to her and for dressing as a man. They find her guilty and she is burned to death at the stake.

But her efforts had turned the tide. The French went on to win The Hundred Year War.

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