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Romans: Hannibal and his Elephants cross the Alps in 218BC

March 25, 2020

Sophie (aged 7) is joined by her sister Ellie (aged 4) and between them they help tell the story of how Hannibal crossed the Alps with his elephants to take on the might of the Rome.

We learn about the love between Aeneas and Dido eventually tore the ancient world apart. We learn about how Rome had an amazing army with powerful legions. But we also learn that Hannibal learned to beat that army. We learn that there are three types of elephants. And we learn that elephants really don't like trumpets. Oh and we have a great song too!

We cover:

  • The Trojan war
  • The Wooden Horse and the Fall of Troy
  • The love of Aeneas and Dido
  • The Founding of Rome by Aeneas
  • How rivalry between Rome and Carthage really came about
  • The causes of the Roman Carthaginian wars
  • The oath of Hannibal to always be an enemy of Rome
  • The power of the Roman Legions
  • The invasion of Italy by Hannibal and his Elephants
  • Hannibal crosses the Alps with his elephants
  • The types of elephants that Hannibal used
  • Indian elephants vs African elephants vs Hannibal’s elephants
  • The destruction of the Roman armies at Cannae and other battles
  • Hannibal’s fateful decision not to march on Rome
  • The Roman fightback
  • The final battle of Zama
  • The fleeing of the Elephants from the sound of the trumpets
  • The conquest of Carthage
  • The birth of the Roman Empire

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