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July 20, 2020

Cleopatra echoes through history. But who really was she? Sophie (age 7) and Ellie (age 5) explore her life. We hear of her dreams for Egypt, her alliance with Rome and her love for Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony.

We explore how she was maligned by Roman historians. But through the trials and tribulations are the tale of a brave woman confronting the prejudices of her age. We explore her world of Ptolemaic Egypt and how it differed from Ancient Egypt. We live her battle with her brother as she grows up in a sexist, patriarchal society. We follow her as she is delivered by carpet to Caesar (DHL and Fedex eat your heart out). We appreciate how Roman jealously of her, and of Caesay destroyed Rome from within. Then in a twist we see how her love affair with Mark Antony led to the final destruction of the Roman Republic and the Emperorship of Octavian / Augustus. All with songs, music and sound effects.

- What was Egypt under the Ptolemies.

- Who really was Cleopatra

- What was happening in the Roman Republic

- Of Caesar and Pompey

- Caesar’s defence of Alexandria

- How Cleopatra and Caesar fell in love – the carpet

- Caesar’s conquest of the East – Veni, Veni, Veci

- Roman jealously against Caesar

- The Ides of March

- The betrayal of Brutus

- The Murder of Caesar

- The revenge of Octavian and Antony

- The Second Triumvirate

- The breach between Octavian and Antony

- The Battle of Actium

- The Death of Antony

- The Death of Cleopatra

- The Empire of Augustus

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